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... that we definitely didn't consider calling "Santa Game Solid". Help Santa enter houses, deliver presents, and leave - all without being seen or detected by the automated robots his elves have made to help him train. 

“Ho-Ho-Home Invasion is the Christmas stealth game you never knew you needed” - Play Diaries
“If you’re looking for a fun experience to share with your family, this one might be worth a peek.” - COGconnected
“I "lo-lo-love" Ho-Ho-Home Invasion!” - Limmy


This year, due to social distancing requirements, Santa can't undertake his normal training. Thankfully, his elves have crafted a fully automated Santa training area in a disused warehouse - with lots of "houses" for Santa to sneak his way through.

Help Santa complete his training ahead of the Christmas period, by sneaking through all five house layouts to deliver presents in record time.


Arrive. Deliver Presents. Leave.

Make your way through fake houses, past fake robot residents, and place some fake presents. Be sure to:
  • Peek around corners
  • Tiptoe to be quiet
  • Avoid training robots
  • Place presents
  • Safely escape the house

And most importantly...

  • Be extra stealthy


Don't Get Caught!

Make sure you avoid:
  • Watchers - tiptoe past them when their head is buried in a book
  • Sleepers - quietly place presents in the stockings at the foot of their bed
  • And Patrollers - wait until their back is turned before making a run for it!



  • The game supports both keyboard (QWERTY) and controller input and will automatically detect the last input type.
  • You can view and rebind the game controls from the main menu.
  • You can view the controls from the game's pause menu.

Keyboard Controls

Keyboard Controls

Controller Controls

Controller Controls

Rebind Menu (NEW)

Rebind Menu (NEW)
More info on the controls that no-one asked for:
  • The 'action' glyphs you see in dialogue prompts (e.g. keyboard keys or controller buttons) will depend on the last input detected by the game (i.e. if you press a key on your keyboard, you'll see the keyboard glyphs.)
  • The controls in Unity are handled using Rewired and ReIconed.


Music generated by Evoke Music AI.


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Version 6

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this is an amazing game

Really nice and hilarious game!

Definitely making more vids on it! Keep up the good work,guys!:)

That's so cool!


Game - not bad, but it would be better on mobile


Epic santa game, really makes me wanna commit home invasion but like the good kind :)



(27) Ember Gaming - YouTube


> that we definitely didn't consider calling "Santa Game Solid".
...because Merry Gear Soild was already taken


Haha yeah, I love that someone else had the same idea in like 2006!

Let's not also forget Silent Night: Festive Espionage Action


Heyo! I do a series on my YouTube where I cover multiple free itch.io games in one video, and today's video Ho-Ho-Home Invasion was the first on the list! Awesome game, well done!


Woohoo! Thanks :)


Thanks for making such a great game!


how do u make games



(1 edit)

Yep - we use Unity :) Here's some more insight into a part of the development process here: https://whitepotstudios.itch.io/hohohomeinvasion/devlog/204784/asked-twitter-which-camera-looked-better-ended-up-with-both-

Adam (co-founder) also answered some questions about the development in this Reddit thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/DevelEire/comments/keyrx6/was_recommended_i_post_this_h...


Present Gear Solid would be a good title. Great Game!

Will keep that in mind for next year ;)


It's awesome!

You're awesome!


Great Game!



Hello! I didnt play this personally but the one who did had to go make some deliveries so he wanted me to leave what he thought! He enjoyed it and thanks you for making it it was challenging and great training and he applauds you for making it so good! Heres the video if you want to see!

Thanks for sharing! :)


it was an such amazing and fun, cool thank you so much for making this i really enjoyed it god bless you have a nice year

Thanks so much - hope you have a lovely new year!


This game turned into a rage game for me lol 


Nice times! And well done on completing it :D Ty!

(1 edit) (+2)(-2)

ho- ho- ho- 🎁

どうも~ 🥰

We're working on translating the game into Japanese, hopefully we'll be able to have a localised version up before the end of the year :) https://www.localizor.com/ho-ho-home-invasion


For anyone wondering about Linux support, I've found the Windows build runs great on Lutris with all default settings.

Ciaran, thanks so much for this info!


This was super fun! Great concept and execution, love Santa with his thick-rimmed glasses!!


There is no download yet, when will there be one?

Hey there! Available now :)


The Download is avaible


I already know that it is available


it says published yet i cant download it, seems like it would be a fun game, is it just the page for when it comes out?

Yep - was just released today, available now :)


:D time to play