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Ancient vs. Technology comes to a head in "Why am I in the past? Who cares! Shoot the Romans" (or WAIITPWCSTR for short).

You're in the past for some reason. How long can you survive against hordes of aggressive ancient Romans?

Pick up your gun and blast your way through history in this endless wave survival first person shooter.


  • Movement - W A S D
  • Fire - Left Click
  • Hold shift to run
  • Reload - R

Ludum Dare 36 Jam Entry

2D menu graphics/logo/HUD assets made from scratch.

Sounds & 3D assets were free online - most available in Unity Assets Store or FreeSound, although some texturing was done to them :)

  1. Set-Up
  2. Models
  3. Sounds
  4. Textures


This wee game was made by Whitepot Studios, consisting of Vicky Potts (@ninjapotts) and Adam Whiteside (@adamside). We literally formed in August 2016 because we really wanted to start making games together, and we need to get good at it.

That's also a hint as to where the name came from :p

Twitter: @whitepot

Website: http://whitepotstudios.com/

Install instructions

Hi there! Thanks for downloading our game for Windows.

  • Download the .zip file.
  • Unzip the .zip file.
  • Open the containing folder.
  • Double-click waiitpwcstr.exe to run the game.


Why Am I In The Past Who Cares Shoot The Romans.zip 84 MB

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